Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Parenting Websites

Wouldn't it be wonderful for parents to be able to do a search online for parenting classes or all of the local childbirth education classes? You can! Check this website out. It's user-friendly and doesn't have any annoying ads.
Here is probably one of the most comprehensive websites to find local parenting information. There are a few pop-up ads so don't say I didn't warn you! Nonetheless, it has a wealth of information from local play groups to photography studios.
Do you need LGTB family resources? If so, this is a one-stop website for you. Family Matters is a non-profit dedicated to helping LGTB families.
Interested in learning more or joining an Attachment or Natural Parenting group? Support groups, play groups or even lactation consulting information all found here.
LLL offers incredible lactation support and education. If you are breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed, be sure to contact LLL of San Diego for any questions or concerns that you may have.
Do you qualify for WIC? Check out this website to find out and to get local resources if you do qualify.
Did you know that you may qualify for help to pay for childcare? Among the other informational links on this user-friendly website is a link to Child Care San Diego, where you can see if you qualify!
Ok, how cool would it be to have a directory of places to take your kids in San Diego? Well here it is! This is a very user-friendly, no pop-up ads, one-stop website for parents looking for fun times in San Diego. Check it out!
Do you want to find a mom's group? This is a wonderful website designed to help you find same-interest groups in your area. It isn't San Diego-specific nor is it parenting-specific, but it does have a few local parenting groups who are registered and trying to recruit more members. If you don't find a group in your area, this website allows you to create one of your own. It can be as specific or as general of a parenting group you'd like.
Do you have a child with special needs? This organization can help you find the help and resources you need. Easy to navigate without any ads.
Rancho San Diego resident? Here is a business and national website directory for Rancho San Diegans.
Interested in adopting or need foster care resources? The top link is California information and the bottom link is specific to San Diego. You can also get information if you want to report suspected child abuse.
Are you a father who needs parental legal resources or any father-related resources in general? This is a wonderful non-profit just for you. This site also has great "positive" parenting resources and even has quite a great list of phone numbers to local family resources.
If your family needs legal help check this website out.
This site is a must for parents. From SDCS curriculum standards to school accountability report cards, this website provides it all. Learn what you need to know here, before you send your children off to school.
Do you want to know if there are any sex-offenders in your area? Learn about Megan's Law.
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